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    his mission:

    Duane's sole mission is to improve healthcare for all. His entrepreneurial spirit, business background, and cross-cultural experience have proved vital in this bringing this to fruition. Location and financial situation should not affect quality of care.

  • About Duane boise

    When you prepare for the emergency, the emergency ceases to exist.

    Duane Boise is the President & CEO of EMED Jamaica, the island's only government-approved air ambulance service. Since the beginning of his career, he has immersed himself in the Jamaican and Caribbean region in order to bring about change in the healthcare sector.


    Duane Boise believes there is a serious lack of efficient emergency medical services throughout the region. His solution? Do something about it. With his company, Duane wants to begin implementing patient-centric technology. To him, that is where patients will experience the most benefits for their health. This is what will work to save more lives both internationally and nationally.

  • why patient-centric technology?

    Telemedicine is the missing piece that will make a profound change in the healthcare industry. As remote medical management devices become more widely used, it will benefit both patients and professionals. Patients will be able to communicate with their doctors, nurses, or loved ones at a faster and more efficient rate. Professionals will be able to access necessary medical records from any location.


    Telemedicine and patient-centric technology will bring about more accurate healthcare for people from all walks of life - regardless of their financial situation or physical location.

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